Member, Core Team India

             Fridays For Future


Team India, Fridays For Future India

I helped organize several climate strikes as part of Fridays For Future (FFF) in New Delhi and across India to advocate for environmental policy change, climate justice, and clean air for all sections of society in India.

As a core team member of FFF India, we have mobilized thousands of children across several different schools to join us for our climate strikes. The week-long September 2019 climate strike in India (held in conjunction with the Global Climate Strike) saw protests occur across 293 locations as we mobilized more than 250,000 people to strike with us.

We choose to hold strikes as our method of protesting to convey the gravity of the climate crisis to our leaders and to emphasize the need for system change, starting by questioning those in power and holding them accountable.

Significantly, a protest I co-organized in Delhi was also posted about by Leonardo Di Caprio on his Instagram page along with a picture of me protesting and wide shots of the protest.