Re-Earth Initiative


Re-Earth Initiative

Seeing the slowing down of conservation and activist efforts due to the pandemic, I got together with 9 activists from across 6 continents to co-found an international NGO called Re-Earth during the lockdown in 2020. 

As a global organization, our main focus is to drive positive environmental impact by enabling people to take digital climate action during this pandemic and increasing accessibility to and inclusivity within the climate movement through climate education and climate literacy.

Through collective action, social media campaigns, climate pledges, online climate strikes, webinars, publishing Op-Eds and organizing several days and weeks of digital climate action and partnerships with organizations and personalities like United Nations, Amnesty, Vice, Shawn Mendes, and Jaden Smith, Re-Earth helps provide a forum to young activists to connect, collaborate and mobilize towards individual and systemic climate action. Along with being a Head for Social Media and Volunteer Outreach, I am also a Board Director for Re-Earth.



As our first campaign, we launched 'We The Planet' in April 2020 in collaboration with Vice, Refinery 29, and i-D as a global youth-led digital campaign for Earth Day 2020. On this international day of action, we mobilized thousands of people from all over the world to post a video on social media explaining their climate solutions - both individual and systemic - that they pledge to take in their daily life to create a positive environmental impact.




Re-Earth Initiative has more than 300 volunteers in about 40 countries across the world. Our campaigns have been undertaken in collaboration with organizations like UNICEF, UNDP, UN Youth Envoy, Amnesty, Oxfam, and Lonely Whale. They have also been supported, posted about and endorsed by several celebrities such as Shawn Mendes, Jaden Smith, Esha Gupta, Zareen Khan, and Nathalie Kelley.

Here at Re-Earth, we believe in the power of collaborative action, and this has helped widen our reach globally and ensured that our message reaches all sections of society.