Art Jam Session


Art Jam Session

Research proves that the best learning for children comes from hands-on experiences. In 2019, I decided to come up with a creative yet meaningful experience for the younger students that would sensitize them towards the climate crisis and its effect on humans and animals. On the 18th of May 2019, I organized a Community Art Jam session on Conserving Nature and Wildlife themed our ‘Green Fingers Can Make A Difference’ at the Create Studio, New Delhi. As part of this, I invited students from the Mangar Bani village (which is a part of the Mangar forest, considered a sacred grove), to participate in the end. In total, this activity brought together around 70 children of different age groups from different schools, aiming to bring to light the plight of the endangered birds and animals in India, and how their habitat has shrunk dramatically due to human activity.

Artwork Installed At WWF, New Delhi, India

Drawing inspiration from the mythological story of Noah’s ark, we want to create a safe haven for all these creatures where they can dwell happily in their natural habitat. The animals we chose such as the Bengal tiger, the Pied Hornbill, etc. were meticulously picked as they are the species being most affected by climate change. I contacted renowned artists Ms. Pooja Bahri, Sam and Mr. Vijay Kiyawat who agreed to mentor our participants. After approaching Faber Castell, I was able to secure sponsorship for all the art supplies from them. I led this event in association with the Create Studio, The Delhi Bird Foundation and the Cuckoo About Nature (CAN) club. Following the event, I gave a speech at the WWF, Delhi to raise awareness on the endangered species of India and explained the concept behind the Art Jam Session. Our artwork signifies that if we all put our efforts together to preserve what we have been blessed with, these beautiful animals will no longer be endangered. The artwork is currently installed in the WWF building, Lodhi Road, New Delhi and is helping in creating awareness on the effects of climate change.


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